11/07/2011 11:40 am ET Updated Jan 07, 2012

Patty Fabian, 15-Year-Old, Bullied, Assault Posted On YouTube (VIDEO)

Fifteen-year-old Patty Fabian's mother told her that if the bullying at her Texas high school ever turned violent, she should never fight back.

On October 25th, that's exactly what the student did when another teen viciously assaulted her, leaving the Garland High School student with black eyes and a broken nose, NBC Dallas Fort Worth reported.

After Fabian and her mother returned from the emergency room, the victim's friends informed her that ordeal was far from over--within hours friends of her attacker had posted the assault on YouTube.

At first, police issued the teen attacker a Class C assault misdemeanor citation, but later increased the charge to a Class A, which is punishible by a fine and up to one year in jail, My FOX Dallas Fort Worth reported.

Despite the charges and the administrations's promise to extend their anti-bullying campaign, Patty's mother Gracie Fabian told NBC that she doesn't want her daughter at the school any longer.

"I don't feel that she is being protected at school," she told NBC. "They're still bothering her, they're still calling her names, and I don't think that the school can protect her at all."

Back in 2009, surveillance video revealed a school bus driver and a special education aide hitting, kicking and choking an student with autism. A few months ago, the pair were convicted of criminal charges.

WATCH Patty Fabian and her mother speak out on the TODAY Show: