11/08/2011 08:22 am ET | Updated Jan 08, 2012

Fantasy Football Adds: Roy Helu, Jake Ballard Among Week 10 Waiver Picks (VIDEO)

BY ROB SHAW, Bloomberg Sports

If you only saw the first half of what was then a scoreless Giants-Patriots game, would you believe the Giants won 24 to 20?

If you only saw last weekend’s Broncos 45-10 debacle to the hands of the Lions would you believe that Tim Tebow led the team to score 38 points in a surprising road win on Sunday?

If you saw the Chiefs knock off the Chargers last weekend on national television to earn their fourth straight win, could you ever believe they would fall to the winless Dolphins by 28 points this weekend?

That’s the NFL world that we live in today and the fantasy scene can be just as volatile.

Here’s a look at five players worth picking up and the list includes a player likely dropped on the waiver wire in recent weeks, a former third-string running back, and a player once considered amongst the top busts of the season. Only in the NFL!

Fantasy Football Adds Week 10