11/08/2011 01:50 pm ET Updated Jan 08, 2012

Fetus Dolls At Georgia Halloween Event Upset Some Parents (VIDEO)

Some parents in a Georgia town are upset after their children received fetus dolls at a local Halloween event on Oct. 29, WSBTV reports.

Joshua Edmonds, a ministry leader with pro-life Christian organization Project:Ignite, handed out the 12-week-old fetus dolls during Loganville's downtown Trick or Treat on Main Street event.

Edmonds said he does not understand why the models are causing commotion.

"This ability to see how complex, fragile and precious life is, even at 12 weeks, is an amazing experience for children," Edmonds told the Walton Tribune.

He told WBSTV that abortion was never mentioned at the event. Even so, John Ramsey, whose grandson received a doll, told the station that "there's a time and place for everything," and that a children's event wasn't it.

Another parents shared Ramsey's feelings.

"...This group was apparently mistaken at what type of environment is appropriate to pass out little rubber 12-week-old fetuses," a mother wrote on

Laura Ellis, one of the event organizers, told the Walton Tribune that she understood both sides of the debate.

"I find nothing offensive about the 12-week fetus models. In fact, I find them a rather beautiful reminder of life. I do, however, understand that some parents did not wish for their children to have them, and I respect that," she told the paper.

This is not the first time fetus dolls have caused controversy.

In May 2010, a Virginia elementary school principal was placed on leave after the school distributed the pink, soft and "life like" dolls to students in third, fourth and fifth grades, according to The Virginian-Pilot.

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For more on the story, watch the video report from WBSTV above.

Correction: An earlier version of this story previously contained two spellings of Joshua Edmonds' name. The correct spelling is "Edmonds."