11/08/2011 08:26 am ET | Updated Jan 08, 2012

'Where In The World Is Matt Lauer?': Madrid Is 2011 Day 2 Location (VIDEO)

Matt Lauer reported from his day 2 location of his comeback tour on Tuesday morning.

The 'Today' host said he had to flip his entire itinerary for his relaunched "Where In The World Is Matt Lauer" feature, for weather-related reasons. Due to the sudden change in plans, he was unable to write a clue and depended on his executive producer Jim Bell to provide viewers with the hint.

Bell announced, "Don Pardo might say it is a 'pin in the earth in blue sea.' Its cup runneth over, high in the sky, where the best things can be free!"

Ann Curry, Al Roker and Natalie Morales all attempted to guess Lauer's second day location, without much success (though Natalie Morales was very close). Lauer also stumped his fellow 'Today' hosts on Monday when he announced he was in Namibia (his first clue referenced skiing, so Curry and Morales thought he would be in a winter wonderland).

Lauer said he was in Madrid, Spain, and that "he wouldn't know he was there either," based on the clue Bell authored.

"It's a full on fiesta!" Lauer said of his day 2 location.


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