Bob Beckel, Eric Bolling Clash, Swear Over Herman Cain (VIDEO)

11/09/2011 08:51 am ET | Updated Jan 09, 2012

Fox News hosts Bob Beckel and Eric Bolling got into an intense argument about Herman Cain on Tuesday's "The Five."

Cain had just finished his press conference, where he flatly denied all of the sexual harassment charges piling up against him and blamed a "Democrat machine" for bringing them against him.

Bolling sensed that there was some nefarious pattern going on, now that Cain's troubles seem to be escalating. "This is a systematic taking apart by the Democrats of the conservative candidates," he began.

Beckel didn't let him get too far down the road with that argument before interrupting and calling Bolling's allegation "outrageous." He said that Republicans were working behind the scenes to take Cain down, not Democrats.

"Oh Bob, please," Bolling shot back, starting to list a string of people he said were taken down by Democrats, including Sarah Palin and Rick Perry.

"Oh, bullshit," Beckel said. (Perhaps because he swears all the time on the show, nobody mentioned it, though he did mutter, "excuse me.") He banged on the table as he shouted, "where's your proof?!"

"No, I don't have the proof," Bolling shouted back. "Of course you don't!" Beckel said. He told Bolling his charges were "McCarthyesque."

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