11/09/2011 11:51 am ET Updated Jan 09, 2012

Real Gold Necktie Developed In Switzerland Will Cost You $8,500 (PHOTOS)

Attention famous politicians and other one-percenters: have we got a tie for you.

Swiss scientists have discovered a way to coat polyester with a nanometer-thin layer of gold, something they've been working on for almost 10 years, says Glamour.

The result? They've created a men's necktie spun from 24-karat gold. You can even throw it in the wash! And we ladies might be in luck: the Swiss agency is hoping to expand the line, turning the gold-dusted polyester into pocket squares, bow ties, scarves and even bags. Fashion designers in Europe are already reserving their stashes of the gold yarn.

The hoity-toity ties, each containing a whopping 8 grams of gold, will be released right before the holiday season, just in time for that special man in your life. Or, you know, Donald Trump, who will probably be the only person who can afford it: the gold tie checks out at 7500 francs or about $8500.

It's just the thing to pair with your $19,000 gold shoelaces, no?

ScienceDaily has a more complex breakdown of how scientists have turned the gold into fabric, for all of you chemistry buffs.

Check out some photos of the new luxe ties below.

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