11/10/2011 09:10 am ET | Updated Jan 23, 2014

Dubstep In Milan: Street Performer Gives An Unbelievable Performance (VIDEO)

"If you have never heard dubstep, do not leave now," this street performer advises his audience. His words apply to all those on the internet as well -- if you've somehow missed the boat on the trendy, underground genre of heavy-on-the-bass electronic music, this guy in Milan, Italy (who is not Italian as indicated by his accent, and flip flops), can give you the primer using his vocal chords, spit and hands that move with the precision of a conductor. According to The Daily What, this guy has a name, and it's David Crowe, the beat-boxer from "Britain's Got Talent" who made Simon Cowell incredibly uncomfortable.

Second best part of the video: finding out that little girls love dubstep. If you also like what you hear, Skrillex can take it from here.