11/10/2011 01:37 pm ET | Updated Jan 10, 2012

Earl Bennett Fined: Chicago Bears Receiver Docked $5,000 For Sporting Stylish Footwear

This certainly isn't going to help the NFL shake the moniker of "No Fun League."

After sitting out the Bears previous five games due to a chest injury, Chicago Bears wide receiver Earl Bennett returned to action in style, racking up a touchdown and leading the team in receiving yards in a win against Philadelphia. He also unveiled a swanky pair of orange cleats, which came in handy as he found holes in the Eagles secondary.

But the NFL didn't think so highly of the shoes, and handed Bennett a $5000 fine for violating a league uniform policy that dictates shoes must either be pre-dominantly black or white.

Just last week Bennett's teammate, Brian Urlacher, went on ESPN's Mike & Mike In The Morning and expressed his frustration with the barrage of fines the NFL has handed down in recent years.

Despite his success in the footwear, Bennett said he probably won't tempt fate by wearing the shoes again next week against the Lions.

"They say they will double the fine, so, it would be 10 grand," Bennett told the AP. "And I don't think my wife would like that."

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