10 Best Jobs For Making Lots In Tips:

11/11/2011 12:50 pm ET | Updated Jan 11, 2012

If you're looking to make big tips on the job, head to the black jack table.

Gaming dealers net the most in tips of any profession, according to a study by Overall, tipping increased 4 percent over the last year, but some professions, such as night club managers, saw a boost in their tips of more than 50 percent, the study found. And the uptick in tips is not only welcome news for the workers bringing the money home -- it may also signal an economic turnaround. This year is the first time in three years tipping has increased, though it still remains below pre-recession levels, according to

"[During recession], people tend not to go out as much, and if they do, they're a little stingier on tips," Lead Research Analyst at PayScale, Katie Bardaro told The Huffington Post. Bardaro says growing generosity may be a good sign of things to come. "People finally feel like there's room in their budget to go out and enjoy themselves," she said.

More than half of Americans said they didn't eat out at all between fall 2009 and fall 2010, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, which may have hit servers, who rely on tips for 63 percent of their income, especially hard. Still, 70 percent of Americans say economic downturns don't affect their tipping habits, a recent report on tipping from found.

For some jobs, the boost in tipping may be coming from a demographic shift. Tattoo artists, which ranked ninth on the Payscale list, have seen their median hourly tip double to $6.10 this year, which may be due to millienials reaching adulthood.

"More GenYers are out there, they're at the age where they can get tattoos without their parent's consent. And people are going out to do it because Gen Y is a more tattoo-friendly generation," Bardaro added.

Here are the top 10 professions that receive the most tips, according to

Jobs With Most Tips
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