11/11/2011 11:37 am ET | Updated Jan 11, 2012

Katy Perry 'Would Love To Have Babies' With Russell Brand (VIDEO)

Katy Perry and Russell Brand just celebrated their one-year anniversary, which is like 5-years in Hollywood time, so naturally everyone wants to know when Katy plans on starting a family.

The 27-year-old singer told Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show on Friday, that she would love to have children.

"I think that's one of the reasons you get married," she said. "Especially to the person you marry. You think, that person is going to be a good partner, a good parent. But, I'm not sure it's time yet. We'll see, ya know?"

When asked if the singer wanted to have a lot of children, she replied, "If it doesn't hurt the first time, I'll keep popping them out!"

"it will hurt: I've heard that it hurts," Ellen joked. "Word around town is it hurts!"

In September the pop singer was also asked about her plans to start a family by InStyle magazine and gave a similar response.

"I think if you're married, it's often in your future .... I think in the future -- the very far future -- when I have children," she said.

Katy married comedian Russell Brand on October 23, 2010 in a lavish ceremony in India. The couple is reportedly returning to the country for a romantic trip to reignite the spark in their marriage.

Sources say that both Katy and Russell's hectic schedules have been tough on their relationship, and need to spend some real time together to reconnect.


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