11/12/2011 06:47 pm ET | Updated Jan 12, 2012

Suzan Merritt, Pennsylvania Woman, Survives Bear Attack, Saves Dog (VIDEO)

About two months after an Alaska woman punched a bear in the face to save her dog, a Pennsylvania woman has a similar story to tell.

Suzan Merritt heard what sounded like animals fighting in her yard on Thursday night. When she went outside to investigate the commotion, she found a bear and cub attacking Otto, her dog.

The 38-year-old was able to deter the bear's attention away from the German Shepard, but it soon came running toward her, WNEP reports.

The black bear swatted at Merritt and knocked her to the ground, but she got right back up and yelled until the two animals scampered off into the woods, she detailed on ABC's "Good Morning America."

The entire incident happened in about 30 seconds, the Morning Call reports. "[My husband, Chris,] grabbed a shotgun on his way out, but the bear was already gone."

Merritt received cuts to her neck, head, wrist and finger and needed several stitches and staples. Otto underwent surgery to repair damage to his right leg. Both dog and owner are expected to be OK.

Tim Conway, a Wildlife Conservation Office Supervisor called the incident "unfortunate."

"I wouldn't necessarily classify it as an attack, he told the Times-Tribune. "It was more of a defensive motion by the bear, and it involved a bear, dog and, unfortunately, the woman got in the middle of it."

Police have searched the area for the bears but the search was unsuccessful, the Associated Press reports.

This was Otto's second near-death experience in two years. The now 11-year-old dog underwent surgery for a herniated disc infection last year, according to the Pocono Record.