'Chocolate Rain' Creator Tay Zonday Explains The Economy In New Single 'Mama Economy'

11/15/2011 08:37 am ET | Updated Nov 15, 2011

YouTube has produced its fair share of celebrities. And while Tay Zonday's no Justin Beiber, his 2007 hit "Chocolate Rain" took him all the way to TV, radio and the cover of The Los Angeles Times.

Since then, the barritone voice actor has created several other internet memes (though none quite as successful as his original hit, which has garnered more than 73 million views) and even made an appearance alongside Beyonce in a 2010 Vizio Superbowl commercial.

Zonday's latest work, "Mama Economy," aims to explain the country's economic crisis...in song. Could this be the new anthem for the 99 percent?