David Scott Smashes 'Meth' Pipe Display In Greeley Convenience Store (VIDEO)

11/14/2011 12:54 pm ET

Hate meth? Us, too, but probably not as much as David Scott.

On a recent trip to a gas station convenience store in Greeley, Colorado, Scott noticed a case of glass pipes near the checkout counter. While the pipes are marketed for burning oils and tobacco products, Scott disagreed. He says the smoking instruments have a more nefarious purpose: getting high on meth.

Scott told the Greeley Tribune his stepbrother tried meth nine years ago and became addicted. He lost his business and family as a result. "He could be dead and we wouldn't know it," Scott said.

After the clerk refused to move the pipes to a less conspicuous location, Scott became enraged, reports 7News. A security camera video shows him pick up the display case and smash it on the ground. He turns to the clerk and says, "Now you aren't making a dime."

Reached for comment by 9News, the store owner expressed sympathy for Scott's experience with meth, but said, "People have no right to come in be violent and make a point... He essentially wasted his and our time and that's all he accomplished." Many other gas stations also carry the pipes.

The Associated Press reports Scott was charged with criminal mischief and a $150 fine. He has also been banned from the convenience store.

flickr photo via: BlaisOne

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