Dutch Anti-Gay Bullying Clip Tackles Subject More Directly Than Ever Before (VIDEO)

11/14/2011 02:40 pm ET | Updated Feb 02, 2016

A new European public service announcement is tackling the issue of anti-gay teen bullying in a more direct, detailed way then ever before.

Produced by De Kinderombudsman (or the Dutch Children's Ombudsman), a governmental children's rights group based in the Netherlands, the clip tells the story of Dave, a gay Dutch teen who is bullied and beaten up at school.

"I have almost no feelings in my arms or legs from all the hard kicking and punching," the actor portraying Dave, seen only from behind as he races through the school, says. "Where can I go if I can't by myself?" Fellow students are shown in classrooms and hallways, each shouting, "Homo! Faggot! Fairy!"

The video, created by media firm Lemon Scented Tea, was produced as part of the organization's "Every child has the right to..." campaign.