11/14/2011 09:06 am ET

Vice Series Explores Subcultures Worldwide, Starting With Tokyo's Dekotora Trucks (VIDEO)

A new online video series promises to explore quirky subcultures worldwide while literally putting viewers in the passenger seat.

The show, All The Wrong Places, just hit the web, with its first episode tracking down dekotora trucks, ostentatiously over-designed freight haulers that find their roots in 70s movie lore. Host Elliott Bambrough visits Japan to explore the subculture -- and try bizarre vending machines -- along with a co-pilot, Maggie Stoody, who's only along for this episode.

It's an interesting take on the travel documentary, swapping in a new co-host for every destination and one that Vice hopes will lend to a devoted following: All The Wrong Places is still searching for co-pilots for future episodes on Facebook, where viewers can enter to win a seat.

Upcoming shows promise a look at Jamaica, Peru, South Africa and Sweden.