11/16/2011 12:33 pm ET

Colbert Blasts Mayor Bloomberg For Occupy Wall Street Police Brutality (VIDEO)

When Occupy Wall Street first started, the protesters knew two things: They were in this for the long haul, and they could probably expect to clash with the police. But few would have guessed that the police brutality would reach the levels it has in recent weeks -- especially upon the orders of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who at first appeared to be an ally of the movement.

And Stephen Colbert could not be more supportive of his "fellow One Percenter." After showing a press conference wherein Bloomberg explained his reasoning behind forcibly removing the protesters from Zuccotti Park as protecting the crowd, Colbert pointed to the thug-like, menacing cop who was sent in to "protect everyone's health and safety."

"There he is, helping the wounded and the sick with his two fists, Florence and Nightengale."

And Colbert didn't stop there -- he also took on Bloomberg's stance that the Occupiers were somehow preventing others from expressing themselves. "When a drum circle starts in Zuccotti Park, all other music in New York starts!"

He caps it off by once again rolling the disturbing footage of peaceful UC-Berkeley protesters being viciously attacked by cops last week (it was the students who were attacking the cops' billy clubs!), and mocking the school's chancellor for telling students that "linking arms is not non-violent civil disobedience."

Colbert's take on Occupy Wall Street truly serves as a poignant example of how satire can bring light to injustices. Some even feel that there's a direct correlation between the movement and Colbert's brand of comedy activism.