Imre Meszesan Arrested For East Village Attempted Rape (VIDEO)

11/16/2011 10:44 am ET

Inae: Police arrested a man who allegedly attempted to rape a 27-year old woman in the East Village on Sunday. The suspect is being accused of forcing himself into the woman's apartment and then attacking her to the ground, before she was eventually able to fight him off.

Imre Meszesan was arrested on Tuesday after police released a surveillance video and the woman was able to pick him out of a line up. The woman, Jane Callanan, told The Post she was able to "recognize him immediately" and that following the arrest, she was "thrilled and can sleep soundly now."

The 35-year old suspect can be clearly seen waiting outside Callanan's First Avenue apartment.

Meszesan faces charges of attempted rape and burglary.

Below is the surveillance video released by police:

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