11/17/2011 01:58 pm ET | Updated Jan 17, 2012

Chelsea Handler Disses Kardashians' Genitalia, Reveals The Things She Won't Joke About

Chelsea Handler isn't afraid to joke about much, including her own hangups and insanity. And while she's more than willing to talk about her sex life and very personal, private areas, actually exposing them is where she draws the line.

She'll let her E! networkmates handle that part, she tells Time Magazine in a long new interview.

"If I do, then it will be by accident. I'm not a Kardashian," she told the magazine, getting a jab in at one of her favorite targets.

She's long made a habit of dissing the reality star sisters, poking fun at Kim's singing, warning Jennifer Aniston not to befriend them and making sure to bust on them whenever she gets the chance.

Don't expect that to change, either.

"My tone is never going to change--that's the essence," she tells Time. "The moment you are asking, 'Is this responsible? Is this the right thing to say?' Then that means I'm in trouble."

There are two things, however, she does plan on avoiding.

"I'm never going to not talk about something because of who I am," Handler says. "I'm always going to be the aggressor. There are two things I won't talk about: ugly babies or people who are dying."