11/17/2011 06:01 pm ET | Updated Aug 21, 2015

16 Light Fish Recipes Perfect For Dinner

Photo credit: Cafe Johnsonia, Feasting at Home, The Woks Of Life, The Clever Carrot

Most of us don't eat fish with regularity. We order it when out at a restaurant, but hardly ever make it in our own kitchens (chicken, pork and beef reign supreme there). Some home cooks think that fish is hard to cook and others just forget that it's even an option. But often times fish makes a very healthy and satisfying meal, and so it's time to reconsider this oversight.

With these 16 light fish dishes, getting more fish in your diet will be easy. From Seared Halibut with Coriander to Grilled Nicoise Salads, these are the recipes your home cooked meals have been missing.


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