11/17/2011 04:58 pm ET | Updated Jul 16, 2012

Megyn Kelly Uses Spooky Voice To Quote Huffington Post Article (VIDEO)

Megyn Kelly must think it's still Halloween, because she put a very spooky twist on a HuffPost story during her Thursday show.

The story in question was "Obama's 2012 Cavalry Takes Shape," by HuffPost White House reporter Sam Stein. It detailed the growing network of outside groups gearing up to help President Obama win the 2012 election. Kelly apparently liked the rather shadowy opening of the piece, because she

"Theyyyy're watching you right now," she said to her viewers, her voice descending into a ghost-story-style whisper. This, it turns out was not hyperbole, since the article deals with groups set up specifically to monitor cable news channels. Kelly brought on GOP strategist Ed Rollins, and read an abridged version of the opening paragraphs of the story. This time, instead of the whisper, she used the breathless narratives tones of a thriller and/or slasher film.

"One of the more influential political operations in Washington D.C.!" she intoned. "Forty staffers! A dozen 42-inch televisions watching each of the three major cable news networks." Kelly then let out a growl and pounced at the screen.

"We see you too!" she said to the unnamed opposition researchers, who, let's admit it, probably were watching her at the time.