Occupy Frankfurt: Germans Stake Out At European Central Bank

11/17/2011 07:54 pm ET

The young Germans camped outside the European Central Bank in Frankfurt have been there for over a month now. Dozens of tents on a grass field next to a large statue of the Euro sign have become a symbol of the European 'Occupy' movement. Despite freezing temperatures, it appears they are there to stay.

Konrad Zaniewski is 21-years-old, and he has been at Occupy Frankfurt since October 15.

"I want to stay here either until I notice that we're not getting anywhere or until I realize that the message got across to people," he said, according to a Reuters translation. Delivering that message, he says, would mean success: "Personally, I would define success not necessarily by taking down banks, but by bringing the fire back into the people so they don't just take everything anymore."

The Occupy Frankfurt movement is one of the most successful Occupy movements in Europe, having drawn impressive numbers of people together over a range of protests this month. On October 30, 2011, thousands marched in the German city to protest social inequality and banking greed, Euronews reports. Last weekend, on November 12, many took part in a demonstration in Frankfurt's financial district. "Bring banks back in line," signs read.

Above, watch the video from Reuters. Below, see photos from the demonstrations.