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The Muppets Saw Trailer: Spoof Combines Comedy And Gruesome Horror (VIDEO)

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YuTube: cheeksdown

We consider this puppet-on-puppet crime.

This wholly unofficial trailer, put out by the minds from Game Room Films, doesn't depict your typical Muppet flick. Instead, they're giving us this brilliant mashup between the classic creatures and the mind-bendingly violent "Saw" franchise.

Miss Piggy as the newest Jigsaw killer is a spot-on casting, and the ensuing montage of violent Muppet death is just silly enough to work.

But the trailer also takes a few shots at the upcoming motion picture, briefly portraying Jason Segel as a potential Muppet killer. Regardless of the spoof, we're definitely looking forward to the newest Muppets reboot, which comes out next week.

Be sure to also check out these hilarious 'Twilight' Muppet movie posters, which were a bit more of an official parody.


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