11/17/2011 12:03 pm ET

'Top Chef: Texas' Electric Bill Spending Reportedly Between $8000 & $9000 A Month

Texas, thanks to its big houses and hot climate, is known for its high electric bills. The state is home to the cities with the highest- and second-highest average monthly spending on electricity: Dallas, at $162 a month, and Houston, at $155, respectively.

But the San Antonio mansion used to house the contestants on Top Chef: Texas had an electric bill that seems astronomical even in this lofty company.

Jeanne Jakle of My San Antonio spoke to the owner of the $2.2 million home, Jimmy Day, who told her that the Bravo show spent between $8000 and $9000 every month on electricity. That includes the price of air conditioning to keep the 16 contestants cool despite 100+ degree heat -- and, crucially, power for the lighting and cameras used for filming the show.

Let's hope the tax credits Bravo allegedly got from the state of Texas, as enticement to film there, covered the cost of all those kilowatts. Otherwise, Padma might have to change her send-off line to, "Pack your knives, unplug all electricity-hogging appliances you have brought to the house, and go."