11/18/2011 09:07 am ET

First Date Ideas For Post50 Singles

First dates are destined to deliver awkward silences, miscalculated hand-placement, and green vegetable remnants between your teeth.

While Post50 singles have undoubtedly matured past traditional first date traumas that once haunted follow-up phone calls or lack thereof, nerves seem to be a staple, especially if the term "first date" has gathered dust in your lexicon.

With recent statistics showing both the growing rates of single Post50s and those utilizing the online dating scene, we want you to be prepared with ideas in your arsenal beyond the typical "dinner and movie", to give you enough time to worry about other things (what are you going to wear?).

When you're not out meeting other singles, check out some of the top first date ideas for Post50s. In terms of opening lines, you're on your own for now.

Post 50 First Date Ideas