11/18/2011 01:18 pm ET

Natalie Portman Makes Post-Baby Debut, Looks Super Young (PHOTOS)

She's been out and about with her family, but Natalie Portman waited months after giving birth to Aleph before getting back to work.

So we were so happy to see her back in business last night, making her first post-baby appearance at a live reading of her upcoming film "The Apartment" at LA's Bing Theatre.

So how did she look -- and what did she wear? To quote Mindy Kaling, who was also in attendance last night:

Surprised to see Steve Carell and Natalie Portman both looking like teenagers. UGH SO UNFAIR KILL ME

We'll pass on the killing, Mindy. But we will take a look at Natalie, who indeed could pass for a 17-year-old with ease. Her body clearly is no worse for the wear and her bright, buttoned-up look is cute as can be (we're loving the blue and red combo!).

Standing alongside her, looking more like grown-ups but way less adorable, are Jason Reitman, Collette Wolfe, Jake Johnson, Mindy Kaling, Pierce Brosnan, Ken Jeong, Nick Kroll and Steve Carrell, several of whom star in the "The Apartment" remake with Portman.

Check out the new mom below!