11/18/2011 03:30 pm ET

Occupy ICE Camps Out In Front Of Immigration And Customs Enforcement Office In San Diego

"Stop deporting workers! Stop deporting workers!," protestors chanted outside the Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices in San Diego Yesterday.

A California janitor's union, joined by immigration activists and workers, rallied in the plaza in front of a Federal building which houses San Diego's ICE offices as part of a movement they call Occupy ICE or Occupy La Migra. La Migra refers to border patrol and immigration officials in Spanish.

Holding picket signs and setting up tents, protesters equated America's corporate greed with ICE's deportation of undocumented Latino workers.

Two weeks ago, companies employing members of the same janitorial union received audit notices for I-9 forms for all of the workers, AOL Latino reports. Sandra Diaz, one of the occupiers, told AOL Latino that the union considered this a direct attack against Latino community.

Mike Garcia, the President of Justice for Janitors, says their message is in line with Occupy Wall Street because ICE's actions are motivated by corporate greed.

"We are fed up and tired of ICE and their rogue behavior targeting well paid immigrant jobs sites and hard working immigrant workers and families," he said in a statement released on Thursday.

"ICE is doing what the 1% corporate real estate industry wants: using immigration laws to recycle well paid janitors in the hopes of taking back gains in pay and benefits our union has won."