11/19/2011 09:05 am ET | Updated Nov 19, 2011

Natalie Wood Case: Boat Captain Didn't Hear Her Cries For Help (VIDEO)

Many questions still remain in the case surrounding actress Natalie Wood's mysterious death, but one person who was on the boat is opening up about the night she went missing and drowned.

Dennis Davern, skipper of the yacht Splendour, recalls the night in 1981 when Wood, who was aboard the boat with her husband Robert Wagner and actor Christopher Walken, mysteriously fell overboard.

"No I didn't hear cries for help because I was on the bridge of the boat and I had music going," Davern told Entertainment Tonight, adding that had he been at water level, he might have been able to hear something.

According to Davern, Wagner shot down his suggestion to turn on a spotlight to search for Wood after she went missing, along with the idea to reach out to the restaurant where they dined earlier in the evening. It was hours later that the Coast Guard was notified about Wood, and a search the next morning led them to her body in the water.

"I've been trying to come forward for the last 20 years," Davern said about opening up about Wood's death. "But no one really listened. And now somebody is listening."

The L.A. County Police announced Thursday that the case of Wood's death has been re-opened due to credible information from a witness suggesting Wagner caused Wood's death.

However, the police have been clear that Wagner is not currently a suspect and that Wood's death is still considered an accident.

For more from Davern and about Wood's case, head over to Entertainment Tonight.

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