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Corey Fox, Convicted Killer, In Trouble For 'Pro-Life' Newborn Sketch

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An undated photo provided by the Illinois Department of Corrections shows inmate Corey Fox. Sherree Daczewitz was awarded $13 million in her 2006 lawsuit against Fox and prison officials over her son Joshua Daczewitz's February 2004 prison strangling while a cellmate of Fox's. Daczewitz alleged that the state Department of Corrections and officials at the maximum-security Menard Correctional Center in southern Illinois should have known the risk Fox posed to her son but recklessly ignored the th | AP

TAMMS, Ill. — An imprisoned convicted killer is under scrutiny by Illinois prison officials over whether one of his drawings depicting a newborn in an incubator should be used to raise funds for a pregnancy center.

The Belleville News-Democrat () says the Illinois Department of Corrections has written up Corey Fox for distributing or posting written materials, or engaging in an unauthorized business venture.

At issue is whether the drawing by the inmate at the Tamms Correctional Center should be allowed to be reproduced on T-shirts benefiting the Elgin-based TLC Pregnancy Center. Fox's supporters say he never sought to profit from the drawing.

The corrections department acknowledges the investigation but won't elaborate.

Fox is serving a life sentence in a Madison County stabbing death. He also pleaded guilty to strangling a cellmate.