11/22/2011 04:52 pm ET

Kirsten Hassenfeld's Delicate And Electric Paper Forms (PHOTOS)

Kirsten Hassenfeld's paper collages look like 3D textbook diagrams drowned in confetti. They seamlessly pair geometric forms with electric clashes of color that resemble fireworks or sprinkles. Fabergé meets paper-mache as Hassenfeld's pieces communicate a folk-art feel with ferocious meticulousness.

Through collages and paper sculptures, Hassenfeld explores different visual languages without fear. There is no order without chaos in Hassenfeld's world. Hanging sculptures function as hanging mobiles where adults can revisit their childhood excitement through more sophisticated imagery. The collages resemble the fruits of arts-and-crafts time, hung on a refrigerator door—if the artist was a child prodigy. Ornate but not stuffy, wild but not sloppy, Hassenfeld's show is dessert for your eyes.

Kirsten Hassenfeld will show at Peter Mendenhall Gallery until January 14, 2012.

Kirsten Hassenfield