11/21/2011 04:26 pm ET | Updated Nov 21, 2011

Woody Allen Documentary Features Filmmaker Boxing A Kangaroo (VIDEO)

Woody Allen may not be your first pick to win a boxing match, but in this clip of the director, Allen totally outclasses a kangaroo in the ring.

"I'm a guy who can handle his fists pretty good," Allen says, as the 1966 segment, from cancelled British television series "Hippodrome" begins.

The kangaroo sways back and forth looking scared, as Allen lands a few soft blows. The animal seems unwilling to fight, but prodded into the ring, manages to get the skinny director into a headlock before bopping up and down a little, a motion Allen mirrors. Finally, as the wrangler continues to push the harrassed marsupial towards the neurotic director, it manages to kick the wrangler in the chest. Allen jumps out of the ring.

The clip will show as a part of PBS's documentary, "Woody Allen: A Documentary," a four-hour entry in the American Masters series. The first part of the documentary premiered Sunday night, and the second will air Monday at 9 EST. The documentary includes both new interviews with Allen, as well as archival clips from his extensive film history.

Watch the bout below:

[via Slate]