11/22/2011 03:06 pm ET

Elliott Smith, 'Misery Let Me Down': New Track By The Late Artist Discovered (AUDIO)

"Misery Let Me Down" sounds like an Elliott Smith song you might have heard before, but chances are, you haven't.

Smith performed the song in 1997 during a session at WMUC-FM, University of Maryland, College Park's student radio station. Smith played about 10 songs, one of which included "Misery Let Me Down," a two-minute track that's been lost for more than 10 years.

The recording session at WMUC, and the lost disc containing its music, have since made their way into internet lore among Smith-devotees -- and you can find the story of how the disc was found over at the Washington Post.

The sweet, folky song is strung through with typical Smith anguish, with lines like, ""If you see misery going through the things in my place, won’t you do me a favor and come invade my space," and "I've been pretending to care, crying the tears of a clown."

Listen to the song below: