11/22/2011 08:08 am ET

Hotel Room Of The Future At Paris' Novotel Hotel (PHOTOS)

First there was the airport of the future. Now there is the hotel room of the future.

Hotel chain Novotel has partnered with Microsoft to deliver Room 3120, which is on display and bookable at Novotel's Paris Vaugirard Montparnasse.

The high-concept room is actually divided into two areas: one for sleep, one for play, reports. Each room comes with an Xbox 360 with a motion-sensing Kinect box, which allows visitors to find out weather, news, or any multimedia content just by waving their hand.

The room is set up to accommodate four people--2 adults, 2 children--and is available for visitors through February 14th for 199 Euros a night. The one glitch? Novotel will request feedback from guests.