11/22/2011 02:57 pm ET | Updated Nov 22, 2011

Nickelback Responds To NFL Petition With Help From Paul Scheer and Funny Or Die (VIDEO)

The Detroit Lions are having an uncharacteristically good season this year and are set to host a game at Ford Field on Thanksgiving, which you'd think would be great for them. There's a hitch, though: Nickelback is playing the halftime show.

Since a lot of Lions fans were concerned about the oft-ridiculed rock band being part of the show, they started a petition asking the NFL to kindly reconsider their entertainment choice.

Nickelback aren't about to take the insult lying down though. They've enlisted the help of Paul Scheer and Funny Or Die to try and boost their image for the big game (which they still totally plan on performing for, by the way).

The tactics Scheer comes up with may be unorthodox, but at this point we have a feeling football fans would grateful to watch anything other than the Canadian rockers.