11/22/2011 02:19 pm ET

World's Largest Tea Bag Creams Previous Record Holder (VIDEO)

The empire strikes back.

Perhaps still smarting since American colonialists destroyed a shipment of precious tea in Boston Harbor in 1773, a group of patriotic Britons reclaimed a measure of national pride.

The All About Tea company in Portsmouth, England bagged its spot in Guinness World Records by constructing the "World's Largest Tea Bag," according to World Records Academy.

It stands eight feet tall, weighs 264 pounds, and holds enough tea for 50,000 cups.

The record attempt was made as part of Guinness World Records Day on November 18 and was meant to be a way to take back the tea bag record from the U.S.

The previous record holder weighed 151 pounds and was unveiled by G4's "Attack of the Show!" in Los Angeles.

All About Tea owner Andrew Gadsden made it his personal mission to take the record back to Britain, a land famous for tea drinking.

Gadsden told ITV Meridian he plans another conquest next year.

"There is a record for the world's largest cup of tea," Gadsden said. "At the moment, it's held by the Sri Lankans and we think it's time we brought that back to Britain."