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Mitt Romney: 'I'm Not Looking To Put Money In People's Pockets'

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If you're looking for some extra spending money, don't ask Mitt Romney.

The GOP candidate-- who once had a hard time finding a bill in his wallet that wasn't a $100-- told an audience that "I'm not looking to put money in people's pockets."

Romney's claim came in the middle of discussion of his economic plan at a campaign stop in Iowa. After skipping the Iowa Straw Poll this summer, he is taking a more aggressive approach to the state now that its primary is looming.

Romney has touted his economic policies as beneficial to the middle class. Pointing out that they involve large corporate and estate tax cuts, one audience member asked, "It doesn't put any money in my will this help the middle class?"

"I'm not looking to put money in people's pockets," the GOP hopeful replied. "That's the other party."

WATCH (via ThinkProgress):

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