11/23/2011 01:36 pm ET | Updated Nov 23, 2011

Sasha And Malia Obama Pardon A Turkey In Style (PHOTOS)

We know we're supposed to be excited about the sparing of the turkey's life and all, but seriously: look at how stylish Sasha and Malia are!

The family got together today to pardon two Thanksgiving, as per White House tradition. There were two turkeys to save, as the president explained:

The turkey's name is Liberty -- there he is -- and along with his understudy named Peace, he has the distinction of being the luckiest bird on the face of the Earth. Right now, he's also probably one of the most confused. [Laughter.]

Both turkeys sat calmly as the Obamas watched on, with Sasha and Malia equally calm. But looking at the pictures, we were kind of freaking out -- look how fashionable (and tall) the girls have gotten!

When most of their peers are probably wearing Uggs and Abercrombie (do kids still wear Abercrombie these days?), Sasha and Malia are rocking prints, bold jewel tones and metallic flat boots -- Sasha's even got on a bright, contrasting necklace.

And to think how small they used to be! (If you don't remember, a quick look back can be found here and here).

Now the girls are all grown up and developing their own distinct -- and fashion forward -- looks. See pics of the White House ceremony below!

Sasha and Malia at Thanksgiving