11/23/2011 01:08 pm ET

Thanksgiving 2011: How Obama, Giffords, Bachmann & Others Are Spending The Holiday

This Thanksgiving, many politicians will head home to spend time with loved ones in the midst of a tense political climate.

Earlier this week, members of the super committee announced that they had failed to reach a deal to cut at least $1.2 trillion from the federal budget over the next decade.

Meanwhile, GOP presidential candidates continued to campaign in key primary states, and met for a debate on national security issues in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday evening.

Many candidates will remain on the trail late into Wednesday and return to as early as Friday morning.

The holiday will likely be a welcome break for these politicians and others, who will spend the holiday volunteering, watching football and visiting with family over Thanksgiving dinner.

Here's how a few politicians will celebrate: