New York Yankees Closer, Mariano Rivera, Opens His Door To Fight Homelessness

11/23/2011 01:00 pm ET | Updated Nov 28, 2011

Yankees closer Mariano Rivera hit a grand slam with children in need Tuesday when he opened up his Italian-American restaurant for an early Thanksgiving feast.

The event -- held at the Clubhouse Grill -- invited 42 children and their families to chow down and was organized by HOPE Community Services, an organization that provides food and assistance to families in need in Westchester County.

One of those children, Stephen Jaramillo, was eager to express his gratitude.

"My mom and my sister and me, we had so much fun. And it was a good day," he told New York Daily News. "It was like, the bestest day."

Rivera chose to help 42 children in honor of the number the player bears on his uniform, according to the news outlet.

"New Rochelle became my home when I joined the Yankees 17 years ago,"Rivera told The Daily New Rochelle. "To repay them for that warm welcome, and because I feel so close to this community, it feels great to be able help the young people of New Rochelle."

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