11/23/2011 06:05 pm ET

'Your Future Husband': Like It Or Not, You Will Marry This Man (VIDEO)

Starting now, anyone posting a video to an online dating profile might as well give up. Or at least take a few tips from "Your Future Husband."

Austin-based filmmaker Bradley Jackson made this short film in 2010, but it wasn't until he uploaded it to Vimeo last month that the entire Internet quickly learned that they had no choice but to surrender to the fact that they would one day marry the braggadocio (played by comedian Mike Faerber) in this video. Yes, the entire Internet.

Why will you marry him? Well, why do birds sing? Why do cops beat protestors? Why was "J. Edgar" such a snore? These are the things in life that are inevitable. You just let them happen, much in the same way you just let your love of this man happen. If his video resume doesn't convince you, your qualifications for a suitable mate are flawed beyond repair. This video is like an arranged marriage, except more likely to succeed.

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