11/24/2011 11:17 am ET | Updated Jul 29, 2013

10 Fun Fitness Facts With Twilight: Breaking Dawn's Tinsel Korey

By Kristen Aldridge for

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 hits theaters last week (as if you need reminding!) but even if you're not a total die-hard Twi-Hard, it's hard not to love Tinsel Korey. The gorgeous Canadian actress, who plays Emily Young in the saga, beat out 800 -- yes, 800 -- other hopefuls for the iconic role.

Her tenacity, talent and natural beauty is a huge inspiration, so it's no surprise her fitness philosophy is too. The Hollywood ingenue recently started a Twitter support club for her fans called "Wolf Girl Boot Camp" (@WolfGirlBC) to inspire young girls to be happy and healthy.

"Wolf Girl Boot Camp is about loving who you are and not being focused on a diet," Korey says. "If you focus too much on trying to be perfect, you'll lose yourself. I think you should get in shape simply to be healthy, without the pressure of trying to be thin."

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How does Korey stay healthy herself? We spoke to the beautiful wolf-loving Twilight star to find out 10 fun fitness facts, so read on for more!

1. She likes to box for fun. "Grab a friend, grab some pads and go!" Korey says. "It's great for physical fitness and the biggest stress reliever, too."

2. Her favorite activity is walking. "It's a fun way to keep in shape without having to put so much effort into it," she says. "It's an easy way for people to get started on any physical activity."

3. She eats celery while watching TV. "Cut up a bunch of veggies the night before so it's easier to have healthy snacks the next day," she says. "You won't be tempted to grab those M&Ms."

4. She does circuit training for her workouts. "It's perfect for burning calories and toning at the same time," Korey says.

5. Spring Greens are a healthy staple in her fridge. "I also love to stock the fridge with cucumbers, but I despise green beans!" she laughs.

6. Brooke Burke is her fave fitness role model. "Brooke is in awesome shape! Her body looks amazing without being too crazy," Korey says. "She looks nice and feminine."

7. Cupcakes are her guilty pleasure. "I try not to keep them in my house anymore," she laughs. "Vanilla strawberry cupcakes from Swingers in Santa Monica are amazing ... just thinking about them I'm foaming at the mouth!"

8. She hates doing burpees and planks. "They are so brutal!" she exclaims. "Not fun at all, but you'll get great results."

9. She focuses on being healthy instead of trying to be thin. "Find the perfect body for you," Korey says. "Be the best you that you can be!"

10. She eats every two to three hours. "A lot of people think not eating will cut down your weight, but that will actually slow your metabolism," she advises.