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U.S. Airways Questions Students Before Flight

Us Airways

11/25/11 03:28 PM ET   AP

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Students from the United Arab Emirates were taken off a Thanksgiving Day flight from Charlotte to Washington and rescreened by security, causing the flight to be delayed for more than four hours.

Three of the students told WJLA-TV in Washington ( ) they were pulled from the US Airways plane and questioned about the purpose of their trip and whether they had military training. They now want an apology.

A spokesman for the Transportation Security Administration said the US Airways pilot requested Charlotte airport police assist in removing individuals from the plane because of a perceived security concern. TSA and airport police responded and later determined the individuals did not pose any security threat.

A spokeswoman for US Airways declined to comment about the nature or origin of the security concern.


Filed by Kate Auletta  |