11/28/2011 05:36 pm ET

Vityaz Chekhov: Goalies Fight During Russian Hockey League Brawl (VIDEO)

Fighting is such an accepted part of hockey that sometimes it can seem like players are just going through the motions. Drop gloves, clench fists, proceed to flail arms. But there are still the occasional bouts of violence undoubtedly genuine in their ferocity, like when Sabres were recently out for revenge against Milan Lucic. And then, a step beyond those clashes, are the rarely captured battles between two goalies. In the rare instances when this happens, there is no doubt that both sides mean business.

If you happened to be watching Russian hockey over the weekend, as you do, then you were treated to just such a spectacle during a game in the Kontinental Hockey League game between Traktor Chelyabink and Vityaz Chekhov.

Vityaz, which is no stranger to brawls, whether it involves players or even their coach, was in the midst of a scrappy contest with Traktor that included several fights and dirty hits. With the game all but lost, both team's goalkeepers, Traktor's Michael Garnett and Vityaz's Matt Dalton, decided to duke it out. Considering the sheer amount of pads both individuals were wearing, this was a great hockey fight. So much so, the referees, tending to many other on-ice melees decided not the break the two men up even after they both went to the ice.

Traktor would go on to win the contest 5-1, but if we're being honest, the real winners were the people in attendance who got to watch the goalies fight for no apparent reason. While Vityaz took the loss, they did add to their already impressive fight total on the season, which has now reached 20, surpassing their total from last year. Give them a pat on the back and a bag of peas.

H/T Puck Daddy