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Herman Cain Affair Allegation: Arizona State Chairman Lori Klein Defends GOP Candidate Against Allegations

Herman Cain Affair Ginger White Lori Klein

The Huffington Post   First Posted: 11/29/2011 1:50 pm Updated: 12/01/2011 7:44 am

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain's Arizona state chairman defended him against allegations that he had a 13-year affair with Atlanta businesswoman Ginger White.

Lori Klein, an Arizona state Senator, told CBS News that she has known him for 12 years and he's "never been anything but a gentleman -- and I am not an unattractive woman." She added that in politics, "we want a virgin to do a hooker's job." She also said that if Cain is innocent, he should sue White for libel.

White claimed a thirteen-year affair with Cain in a report released by Fox 5 Atlanta on Monday. She said she knew that he was married and described the relationship as "fun" and "exciting" but was aware that she was involved in a"very inappropriate situation." Cain denied the relationship, saying that White "is an acquaintance that I thought was a friend." Cain has also denied multiple allegations of sexual harassment in the past month.

Cain told his staff on Tuesday that he is reassessing his candidacy in the wake of the allegations and will make a decision on whether to remain in the race in the next several days.

Last July, Klein took a pink handgun out of her purse and pointed it at the chest of Arizona Republic reporter Richard Ruelas. "Oh, it's so cute," she said before aiming it at him to show off the red beam of the laser sight. The gun has no safety, but Klein said that she didn't have her hand on the trigger.

CLARIFICATION: This article has clarified the language regarding Lori Klein's defense of Herman Cain and allegations that he conducted an affair with Ginger White.

Meet the women who have been linked to Cain below:

Karen Kraushaar
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On Oct. 31 Politico broke the news that two women had filed sexual harassment claims against Herman Cain when he ran the National Restaurant Association 20 years ago. At the time the story was published the women wished to remain anonymous, but one, Karen Kraushaar, came forward on Nov. 8, the day after a third woman, Sharon Bialek, held a press conference alleging she was sexually harassed by Cain.

Kraushaar, a Treasury Department spokeswoman, was an employee at the National Restaurant Association during the time Cain was head of the group. She did not discuss the details of the claim, but her attorney described the story Bialek told as familiar. "I'm not authorized to give specifics, but the conduct is similar and it's corroborating evidence for the complaint my client filed." Kraushaar received a settlement of about $45,000.

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