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Jason Segel: The Muppets Lead To Dating Problems & Mexican Soul Mates

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With the release of "The Muppets" last weekend, Jason Segel's dream came true. He revived the great puppet franchise he has loved since childhood, and did it with great success, too, with the film already taking in over $30 million at the box office. Unfortunately, the Muppets giveth and they taketh: for all the professional joy, they're kind of hurting his love life.

Segel, appearing on "Conan" on Monday night, spoke about all the first dates -- but not second dates -- thanks to his house filled with puppets. That includes the Gary puppet made to look like Segel -- though it looks more like old Muppet game show host, Guy Smiley -- who is remote controlled and thus able to be very, very creepy upon command. Especially if he's under Andy Richter's command. Well, at least he can use the carpool lane, right?

The star also highlighted all the international press he's been doing for the film, including a run-in with a Mexican reporter who couldn't handle his emotions around Kermit. Now that's true love.

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