Kevin Smith Tweets Anger At Independent Spirit Awards Snub Of 'Red State'

11/29/2011 05:43 pm ET | Updated Jan 29, 2012

Kevin Smith has a very dedicated core audience for his comic books, podcasts and films, but the nominating committee at the Independent Spirit Awards, it seems, are not amongst the Smith fanboys.

This does not please Kevin Smith.

The director's religious drama, "Red State" was left off the slate of this year's Spirit Awards nominees, which instead highlighted films such as "Take Shelter" and "The Artist." That meant big name stars such as John Goodman and Melissa Leo did not receive recognition, and Smith took to Twitter to air his grievances.

"How the f*ck did the @SpiritAwards NOT nominate Michael Parks? Nor John Goodman? Nor Melissa Leo? F*ck your idiotic organization. #FakeIndie"

The term fake indie is an indication that Smith felt his film, which he put out on his own Smodcast Pictures and took on a publicity tour throughout the nation, was much more in line with the spirit of the Spirit Awards than many of those nominated. Paramount put out the nominated "Like Crazy," while Sony Pictures Classic put out "Take Shelter." The Weinstein Company put out "The Artist."