11/29/2011 04:31 pm ET

Rahm Emanuel's Birthday: Chicago's Mayor Turns 52 (PHOTOS)

Tuesday marks Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's 52nd birthday.

In honor of his special day, it appears possible that the mayor cut back his usually grueling daily schedule of public appearances -- according to the Chicago Sun-Times, his public schedule featured only an 11 a.m. appearance at the Morton School of Excellence -- so perhaps he's kicking back and indulging in a slice of his favorite dessert, which the Sugar Buzz Chicago blog revealed earlier this year to be warm pecan pie with vanilla cream.

Or perhaps he's relaxing to a copy of Feist or Adele's latest albums -- he has been noted as a fan of both singers. Or maybe he just went for a good, albeit cold, run.

Two years ago, The Huffington Post readers offered up some ideas for presents for the then White House Chief of Staff in honor of his 50th birthday, but we wanted to reach out to our readers again and ask: What would you get Chicago's mayor?

Let us know in the comments below and be sure to keep it clean.

VIEW a gallery of highlights from Mayor Emanuel's 51st year, during which he went from a mayoral candidate to a non-qualified mayoral candidate to, as predicted, the Windy City's newest mayor:

Rahm Emanuel's Birthday