11/29/2011 03:41 pm ET

Syracuse Scandal: Bernie Fine, Bobby Davis And Other Key Players Involved In Abuse Case

With each passing day, the Syracuse sexual abuse scandal seems to grow more sordid and complex. Since ESPN initially reported that Syracuse police were in the early stages of investigating two allegations of child molestation against longtime Syracuse assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine, there have been several notable twists and turns.

Aside from the shock of the graphic descriptions of abuse the two alleged victims gave to ESPN's "Outside The Lines," there have been dramatic revelations involving Fine's wife, a stark about face by Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim, the emergence of a third accuser and even the acknowledgement that the police chief who didn't act on an accusation of molestation several years ago was a former Syracuse basketball player.

For more on the Syracuse scandal and everyone involved, scroll down for a guide to the key players.

Key Players In Syracuse Scandal