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The Careless Use Of The Race Card In The U.S.

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Race indelibly colors America's tapestry. Caring citizens of every hue are heartbroken by persistent problems plaguing many black communities. Like every demographic, American blacks fare much better than relations still residing in Africa, but they languish in several aspects including income. While numerous obstacles hamper more widespread black affluence, one pernicious undercurrent appears particularly destructive: manufactured racism.

A lucrative racial extortion racket longs to expose lingering prejudice behind every errant look or parsed word. "Leaders" like Jeremiah Wright, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton exaggerate racism en route to amassing fortunes. But peddling ideas that America is grossly bigoted or that black failures are primarily other's fault spreads despair and undermines responsibility. The race mongers sow self-destructive rage only to reap a weakened people.

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