11/30/2011 10:00 am ET

Jimmy Fallon's Herman Cain Denies FUTURE Allegations (VIDEO)

This Monday yet another woman came forward to say that GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain had inappropriate sexual relations with her, but not before Cain himself announced it first. Is it just us, or is it almost like Cain is writing his own late night sketches instead of a campaign at this point?

Naturally, Jimmy Fallon was ready to parody this proactive move with another one of "Late Night" writer Bashir Salahuddin's Herman Cain press conferences.

Running with Cain's decision to deny an allegation that hadn't occurred yet, Salahuddin-as-Cain uses his time to admit to even more sexual misconduct, including fathering the baby alleged to be Justin Bieber's. And after seeing his spot-on Bieber impression, we have to say we could believe it!

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