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New Spotify Apps: The Best New Features You Need To Download (PICTURES)

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Posted: 11/30/2011 7:05 pm

Spotify announced a new look and a bunch of new apps for its desktop music player at a classy event in New York City on Wednesday, and the early returns look great.

The new Spotify integrates with several music recommendation engines, album review sites and social sharing platforms with the aim of making listening to music on Spotify a more substantial and rich experience.

Below, we've collected screenshots of nine new features and apps from the updated Spotify player (available now in beta and coming soon to your desktop). Here's what you can expect in your Spotify future:

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Moodagent is a playlist creator. The team at Moodagent has crawled through each and every song in Spotify's 15 million track library and rated the tracks based on how Sensual, Tender, Happy and Angry each is. You can create a mood-based playlist several ways with Moodagent -- first, by pressing one of the four mood icons at the top and letting random songs populate the list; second, by entering the name of a track or artist and allowing Moodagent to discover 20 to 25 songs with a similar mood; third, by dragging any of your favorite songs into Moodagent and having it create a list; and fourth, by dragging in a playlist you've made outside of Moodagent and letting the app sort the playlist from happiest to least happy, most sensual to least sensual, etc.

Above is a playlist created from the (rather sad) song "Carolina" by Girls; the line graph shows the fluctuations in happiness as the playlist goes on.